Miguel Henz


Born 1955 in Dornbirn, Austria


Miguel's work reflects his fascination with a wide range of independent communication levels. He focuses on organic structures as well as geometric forms incorporating fragments of texts and signs.

Christian Beran


Born 1973 in Moedling, Austria


Working as a screenprinter since 1990 and fascinated by the bold and striking effect of the screenprinting technique and the wide range of materials which can be imprinted, Christian started his own studio in 2000 joining a street artists studio in Vienna.

His work is influenced by the whole range of graphic design reaching from historic etchings, photography, comics, printmaking, commercials etc


beran/henz is an art collaboration between

Miguel Henz and Christian Beran.


Acrylic painting engages figurative screen printing resulting in a unique, stimulating vision. The quality of their works lies in a complex coded message, which is inspired and enhanced by symbolism and allegory.


Art in the office:

Art makes working space liveable and functions as a kind of Art Seismograph. It is not just a decoration, it is meant to rub up against you, to tickle you to get a reaction out of you: that's the way it communicates! It is gaining public recognition and prestige.


T +43 676 615 21 28

T +43 699 1955 04 20

Beran // Henz

Salitergasse 7

2380 Perchtoldsdorf


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c Christian Beran // Migiuel Henz 2016